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AAU Esbjerg boosts energy research

AAU Esbjerg boosts energy research

It is a huge gain for the whole city and region when Aalborg University (AAU) in Esbjerg is granted funds to increase research further into green energy solutions says Business Esbjerg, after AAU’s energy section in Esbjerg has received support for three out of three applied projects in the Danish Energy Agency's Energy Technology Development and Demonstration Program (EUDP). The projects include research into e.g. energy storage in wastewater treatment and the development of artificial intelligence for the offshore industry and have received support for a total of more than DKK 46 million.

Offshore energy as well as electronics and data control are core activities in AAU Esbjerg's profile, and precisely these areas are now boosted further with research funding from EUDP. AAU Esbjerg is a co-applicant for three projects for EUDP, and all three have been granted a total of more than DKK 46 million for research in, among other things, energy storage and artificial intelligence.

AAU Esbjerg - a significant contributor to the green transition

- We are very happy and proud to receive funding for all three projects, each of which supports our profile for AAU Esbjerg, and which thus matches the needs that exist in and around Esbjerg's business community, where offshore energy takes up an incredible amount of space. This helps to emphasize AAU Esbjerg's position of strength as a significant contributor to the green transition, explains Simon Pedersen, associate professor and section leader of AAU Energy in Esbjerg.

One EUDP-supported project will contribute to the establishment of higher and more energy-efficient wind turbines, one example being the use of fiber ropes instead of steel wires to hoist the wind turbines.

- We contribute with knowledge about machine learning, where the strength of the fiber rope with the help of artificial intelligence and machine vision is monitored, and the condition of the rope is predicted, explains Petar Durdevic, associate professor at AAU Energy in Esbjerg.

Associate Professor Ahmad Arabkooshar is involved in the two other EUDP projects at AAU Esbjerg, which generally are about green electricity storage as well as heat and heat storage - one project by, e.g., analyzing the sector connection between district heating and supply of process heat to industry, and the other by investigating, how surplus energy production from wind turbines and solar cells is best stored and utilized:

- At a new large-scale plant in Esbjerg, we will be able to store surplus electricity from renewable energy sources for up to 14 days in sodium hydroxide - probably better known as wastewater treatment. In the project, we will investigate more detailed how we can utilize the surplus flow most optimally, he explains.

Business Esbjerg is also enthusiastic about the important projects for AAU Esbjerg:

- It is simply a huge benefit for both the city and the region that these funds are granted to AAU Esbjerg, and it supports Esbjerg's status as Denmark's energy metropolis. The funds are helping to make a strong research and development environment even stronger, where the company-oriented research can be translated into competitiveness and innovation in the business world - in short, this is a step forward in the green transition, says Susanne Nordenbæk, CEO of Business Esbjerg.

The three EUDP-supported projects at AAU Esbjerg will run for more years. In addition to the three projects in Esbjerg, AAU Energy has been granted EUDP funding for a further six projects, including capture, storage and utilization of CO2, energy efficiency and passenger transport and light goods transport.

Briefly about the three EUDP-supported projects at AAU Esbjerg:

• Enabling the use of fiber rope in crane solutions for high wind turbines. In this project, Liftra ApS, Dynamica Ropes ApS and Aalborg University will enable the use of fiber ropes in crane solutions for high wind turbines. The project will demonstrate the use of fiber ropes and a machine learning monitoring system integrated in one of Liftra's crane solutions. The machine vision system allows visual real-time tracking of damage developments throughout the rope life cycle, which is currently performed periodically by technicians. The project is supported with DKK 9,567,602 from EUDP.

• Molten Salt Storage - MOSS. MOSS is a new giga-energy storage solution based on liquid hydroxide salts. The solution may be the first, giga-sized thermal-energy storage to become commercially available. In compact tanks with molten hydroxide salts, 1 GWh can be stored with a low heat loss. For every 1 GWh of storage plant in operation, annual CO2 reductions of 32,000 tonnes are delivered. The project partners are Seaborg Technologies ApS, Sulzer, Alfa Laval, DIN Forsyning, San Electro Heat A/S, Kirt x Thomsen, Aalborg University and Energy Cluster Denmark. The project is supported with DKK 13,244,782 from EUDP.

• Demonstration of high temperature heat pumps at different integration levels. This project aims to develop and demonstrate two high temperature heat pump systems at different integration levels. The technical solutions are supplemented with research activities that focus on analyzing the benefits of sector switching between district heating and the supply of process heat to industry. The project partners are the Danish Technological Institute, Verdo Energy Systems, Multikøl og Energi, SRM, Frascold, Carel Nordic, Energy Solution, Biomar, Aalborg University, DIN Forsyning and Dansk Fjernvarme. The project is supported with DKK 23,740,205 from EUDP.

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