Energy Efficiency in Components and Systems, an AAU Energy mission

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    According to the International Energy Agency (IAE), energy efficiency is the ‘first fuel of a sustainable, global energy system’. Energy efficiency mission is a step towards meeting global challenge of climate change. The main targets are harnessing the power of better technologies through removing barriers, lack of awareness on saving potentials and lack of adequate information on efficiency measures, which inhibits the deployment of energy efficiency solutions. The main vision is to utilize current and next generation technologies to change the unsustainable energy systems and energize a sustainable future.

    The Energy Efficiency mission supports the shift in the energy paradigm to carbon-free technologies and application in order to accomplish long-term sustainable energy generation and transformation. Thereby, the mission aims at influencing deployment of innovative solutions that aid the green transition through solving challenges for climate and environment. This will enable this mission to achieve its desired impact on reaching sustainability goals by 2030 and 100% renewable energy by 2050.


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    The following action plan for strategic larger applications is considered:

    • Raise Awareness
    • Target Mega Trends
    • Standardization (define and measure)
    • Assess Energy Efficiency
    • Improve Energy Efficiency
    • Enable Energy Efficiency


    The Energy-Efficiency mission seeks collaborations which initiates synergy among different disciplines in order to achieve energy efficiency at both components and system levels.

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    • Same energy for better performance
    • Improving conversion of energy
    • Less energy for the same performance
    • Energy optimization
    • Barriers and drivers to energy efficiency
    • E-mobility
    • Modern energy systems
    • Renewable energy generation
    • Advanced power electronics for energy systems
    • Power quality and EMI/EMC

    The future human society is an electrical power-dominated place. Therefore, one of the special aspects in this mission is enabling green electrical power generation, distribution and usage.

Mission Chair

Frede Blaabjerg - AAU Energy
Frede Blaabjerg
Direct phone: +45 9940 9254

vice Mission Chair

Pooya Davari - AAU Energy
pooya davari
Direct phone: +45 9940 9254

We take action by

Research groups committed to this mission

E-Mobility and Industrial Drives - AAU Energy research group

Multi Phase Flows and Transfer - AAU Energy research group

Power Electronic Control, Reliability and System Optimization - AAU Energy research group

Reliability of Power Electronic Components - AAU Energy research group

EMI/EMC in Power Electronics - AAU Energy research group

Intelligent Energy Systems and Flexible Markets - AAU Energy research group

Photovoltaic Systems - AAU Energy research group

Low Power Energy Harvesting and I-Solutions - AAU Energy research group

Fluid Power technology - AAU Energy research group

Power Electronics Packaging, Materials and Emerging Applications - AAU Energy research group

Reliability of Power Electronic Converters - AAU Energy research group