Digital Transformation and AI for Smart and Resilient Energy Systems, an AAU Energy mission

Artificial intelligence entails an entirely new way of making decisions, in which computers and algorithms play a more significant role.


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    The mission activities will observe and follow data regulations in different countries and regions, e.g., the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in EU. It will follow the FAIR (Finable, Accessible, Interoperable, and Reusable) principle. Data generated from the the mission activities will be as open as possible and as closed as necessary.

    Sustanability Goals

    Denmark being one of the most digitized countries, the DTAI mission perfectly aligns with the Danish strategy for AI as a front-runner for energy applications. The outcomes will consolidate the competitive advantages of Danish energy research and the relevant industry sectors.  
    UN-SDG 4, 7, 9, 11, 12, 13, 14, 16, and 17.  

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    To enable autonomous, resilient, and reliable energy systems with improved energy efficiency and minimized life-cycle-cost.  The evolving modern energy systems require new principles and operational practices. It means we must develop and implement new and updated system tools. With continued digitalization, increasing amounts of operational and environmental data become available.  It provides us a solid foundation to explore new opportunities in applying Artificial Intelligence (AI) to the design, control, operation optimization, condition monitoring, maintenance, and recycling of energy materials, components, assemblies and systems.  The effective implementation of AI for energy applications relies on in-depth understandings of the engineering problems and their modelling in deterministic/stochastic environments, data collection/analytics methods, forecasting and affordable algorithms and hardware implementations. 


    Collaborations include research institutions specialized in Mathematics, Computer Science, or Data Science, and industry companies in energy sectors and AI applications.  

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    Enabling the next leap in transforming energy systems by bridging the research and innovation in energy, digitalization, and AI, contributing to the green transition towards a climate-neutral society.

    To maximize the scientific and societal impact of our energy research and innovation by facilitating the collaborative efforts from the best talents to leveraging the state-of-the-art digitalization and AI concepts for engineering applications.  


Huai Wang - AAU Energy
huai wang
Direct phone: +45 9940 3816

mission Vice Chair

Mohsen N. Soltani - AAU Energy
Mohsen N. Soltani
Direct phone: +45 9940 8744

Research groups committed to this mission

Center for Research on Microgrids - AAU Energy research group

Fluid Power technology - AAU Energy research group

Power Electronic Control, Reliability and System Optimization - AAU Energy research group

Reliability of Power Electronic Converters - AAU Energy research group

Low Power Energy Harvesting and I-Solutions - AAU Energy research group

E-Mobility and Industrial Drives - AAU Energy research group

                  Intelligent Energy Systems and Flexible Markets - AAU Energy research group

Modern Power Transmission Grids - AAU Energy research group

Offshore Drones and Robotics - AAU Energy research group

EMI/EMC in Power Electronics - AAU Energy research group

Offshore Renewable Energy Systems - AAU Energy research group

Offshore Process Control and Cybernatics - AAU Energy research group

Wind Power Systems - AAU Energy research group