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The laboratory for fluid flows is one of almost 40 laboratories belonging to the Department of Energy Technology, Aalborg University. The laboratory support both high level teaching activities as well as fundamental and applied research within the area of fluid mechanics.

Laboratory for fluid flows


In spite of the small foot print of 50m2 the laboratory it is well equipped with an open wind tunnel, a closed loop wind tunnels and a small closed loop water tunnel. The area is supplied with several 16A, 32A, 64A 400V 3-phase power plugs, frequency controls, heating and cooling capabilities.

Special equipment

The laboratory contains the following major equipment:

  • Closed loop wind tunnel (test section 25cm x 50cm x 100cm, 65m/s)
  • Open loop wind tunnel (test section 30cm x 30cm x 60cm, 70m/s)
  • Closed loop water tunnel (test section 10cm x 10cm x 70cm, 1m/s)
  • High end PIV system (DantecDynamics , 2D & 3D, 2-phase, PLIF)
  • Pulsed High Power YAG lasers (Class IV)
  • High Power LED laser (Class IV)
  • Fast Cameras
  • Constant Temperature Anemometry
  • High end data acquisition systems (National Instruments, PXIe, cRio, cDaq)
  • Varity of measurement equipment (magnetic flowmeters, vortex flowmeters, absolute and differential pressure transducers, thermo couples, pitot tubes ect.)

Features & Services

The laboratory is available for co-operation with companies and educational institution, who can bring their own models for testing. If necessary the department workshop can assist in making prototypes on their advanced CAD milling machines.


Pontoppidanstraede 105, room 4.105
9220, Aalborg East

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