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The PV systems lab is a state-of-the-art research laboratory, used for development and tests of control strategies for grid connected green power converters, especially PV inverters. The Laboratory has two sections. Section 1 contains five high flexibility converter setups, which are composed of a 4kVA/8A Danfoss FC302 inverter, configurable in single- or three-phase connectred to the grid, with flexible digital control based on dSPACE DS1103 systems. The main research topics dealt with in this section are: PV inverter control, MPPT, grid condition detection, grid synchronisation issues, voltage control, active/reactive power control, etc.

Section 2 contains a high performance Sun simulator (Spire Spi-SUN 5600 SLP) for light and dark IV characterisation of PV modules, as well as an electroluminescence (EL) and infrared (IR) imaging setup for PV panel in-depth analysis.

Key research topics include IV-based PV panel characterisation and diagnostics, image-based automatic fault and degradation analysis, and more.

Furthermore, the laboratory work for a number of PhD/Industrial courses is being carried out in the PV systems laboratory.

1.9kWp BP solar panels on the roof of PON109

Grid connected converter setup in PV-lab

special Equipment

Grid connected converter setups

The PV Systems laboratory disposes of five identical converter systems controlled by mixed RISC/DSP digital controllers (dSPACE DS1103 PPC plugged in host PC) featuring four‐quadrant operation capability.

  • The dSPACE DS1103 PPC is a mixed RISC/DSP digital controller providing a powerful processor for floating point calculations as well as comprehensive I/O capabilities.
  • Each of the five systems has a 4kVA/8A Danfoss FC302 DC‐AC inverter connected to the grid through an LC‐filter and a 50Hz transformer.
  • Each inverter can be supplied individually from separate DC sources
  • Each inverter is controlled separately. The powerful and flexible structure of the system allows the implementation of both classic current control techniques as well as advanced strategies, like anti‐islanding or active damping methods.
  • Typical applications of this system include:
  1. Control of converter or grid side current using PWM
  2. Control of active rectifiers
  3. Grid support using intelligent inverters

PV inverter test setup

  • High bandwidth PV array simulator with linear post-processing unit (Regatron, 1000V- 40V)
  • High Precision Power Analyzer (Yokogawa WT3000)
  • Fully programmable four quadrant grid simulator (California Instruments MX‐30)

PV array monitoring and diagnostic setup

  • 1kW single phase PV inverter, 2kVA Danfoss FC302 converter
  • Grid inverter controller implemented in dSPACE 1103 system
  • DC/DC boost controller implemented in TMS320F28335
  • Fully programmable in Matlab/Simulink Code Composer Studio

Flash Sun simulator (SPI-Sun 5600 SLP)

  • Class A A A , module size up to 2000mm X 1370mm
  • Light and dark I-V curve measurement
  • Module efficiency measurement according to international standards
  • Suitable for thin-film modules (light pulse length up to 140ms)

Optical PV module characterisation setup

  • InGaAs short-wave infrared (SWIR) camera for electroluminescence (EL) tests, with resolution 640x512 pixels, spectral range of 0.9 to 1.7 microns wavelengths, 25fps
  • IR camera for thermal imaging, resolution 320x240, spectral range of 7.5 to 13 micron, sensitivity 0.05°C @ 30°C.

Grid connected converter setups in PV-lab

Features & services

We offer the following services to the industry:

PV module electrical testing using SPI-SUN 5600 SLP: light and dark I-V, module efficiency according to IEC 60891 and ASTM E1036)
PV module imaging with InGaAs SWIR and IR camera: Cracks, micro cracks, PID, process defects, broken fingers, shunts, increased series resistance areas, etc.
PV inverter tests: MPPT static & dynamic, DC/AC conversion (EN50530), Harmonics (EN61000), LVRT

PV panel test setup


Pontoppidanstraede 109, room 1.135
9220, Aalborg East
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Grid connected converter setups in PV-lab

Grid connected converter setups in PV-lab

Grid connected converter setups in PV-lab

PV panel test setup