Wind Power Systems Laboratory

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The Wind Power Systems Laboratory includes models and experimental setups of wind power generators, power electronic converters, network configurations and associated control, used both in student projects and research activities.

The lab has licenses to many different software packages for simulating stationary and transient conditions in the wind power network, for instance DigSilent from Power factory, PSCAD/EMTDC, and Simulink and Matlab. Besides using measurements from the laboratory for verifying the simulation models, also data measured directly at different wind farm sites are used for verification.


  • DFIG based Wind Turbine Systems
  • Smart Wind Power Distribution Platform
  • DC Wind Power Network Test System
  • Modular Multilevel Converters for Wind Power Systems
  • Real Time Digital Simulator

Features & services

The lab can be used as a research, development and testing platform to develop new solutions for Industry. The following features and services can be conducted in the lab.

  • Real-Time Hardware-In-the-Loop applications
  • Smart DC wind power distribution systems
  • Operation and control of modern wind power systems
  • Innovative wind conversion systems







Pontoppidanstraede 109, room 1.103
9220, Aalborg East
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