Power Electronics Converter Laboratory

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The Power Electronics Converter Laboratory mission is to investigate new and advanced power converter topologies and control strategies that help to push the power conversion efficiency, power density and reliability to new heights. The laboratory is equipped with latest hardware, real-time data measurement and control platforms in order to investigate efficiency, reliability and control under different mission profiles and grid faults. The Power Electronics Converter Laboratory is designed to tackle real-world grid and power electronics challenges in close partnership with industry and research institutes at national and international levels.

Every year the laboratory hosts many visiting researchers and guest PhDs around the world due to its powerful proof of concept platform. The laboratory provides suitable research environment for PhD and Master research projects in AAU.

Power Electronics Converter Laboratory

Power Electronics Converter Laboratory


The laboratory is equipped with latest instrumentation and power converter setups including:

  • PV Simulator (10 kW, up to 600V)
  • Multifunctional single-phase AC power supply
  • High precision power analyzer
  • Different control platforms (dSpace, FPGA, DSP)
  • Voltage source and impedance source power converters topologies
  • WBG-based power converters
  • Multiple DC power supply (up to 600 V and 10 kW)

The Power Electronics Converter Laboratory provides research and development platform in order to investigate and develop new solutions for industry. This includes:

  • Validation and development of different advanced control strategies
  • Analysis and improvement of power converter efficiency
  • Analysis and improvement of PV systems under different mission profiles with suitable fault ride through and reactive power support
  • Implementation of hardware-in-the-loop platforms
  • Design and optimization of high power density WB-based power converters
  • Design of active thermal control techniques for power converter reliability improvement

Our research scientists have long-standing collaboration with many Danish and international companies and research institutes such as Energinet, University of Cyprus, Dantherm power, Stofa, LeanEco, Quantum energy, Tallinn University of Technology, Wright State University.


Sponsors: Solar-Era.net, Research Promotion Foundation, Det Obelske Familiefond, Energinet.dk



Pontoppidanstræde 107, Room 2.105
9220, Aalborg East
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