Electrical Engineering Laboratory

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A general electrical engineering laboratory available for AAU staff and undergraduate students for creating prototypes during their project work. 24 test benches are available on two floors of the laboratory.

General electrical engineering laboratory

General electrical engineering laboratory

General electrical engineering laboratory


Low voltage test benches

Each test bench is equipped with two low voltage, four channel DC power supplies.

Access is provided to two three phase 16A power sockets and one three phase 32A socket.

Small scale soldering jobs (rework) are allowed provided ESD rubber mat and suction points are used. Students can produce PCBs in a dedicated laboratory in PON 107, room 1.121 where all other jobs are carried out (Electrical Workshop).

Heavy equipment test benches

Some of the test benches have access to additional space that can be used when testing big setups, e.g. electric drivetrains, go-karts and power stacks.


Generic electrical test equipment is provided: low and high voltage power supplies, oscilloscopes, passive and differential voltage probes, current probes, power meters, multimeters, DC electronic loads, power resistors. More specialised test and measurement hardware is also available: LCR meter and curve tracer.

Generic electronic components are freely available. More specialised components can be ordered, after agreement with the project group supervisor, by Walter Neumayr.

Safety information

Danger of high voltage

Projects requiring access to voltage higher than 60VDC or 25VAC, current higher than 1A, rotating machines or batteries need a Work Place Permit.

A fire extinguisher is located in the corner of the laboratory close to 2.101.

A defibrillator is placed outside the laboratory in the corridor.

First aid kit is placed near the main doors, by the sink.

General safety rules in electrical laboratories, please read more here.


Pontoppidanstraede 107, room 2.109
9220, Aalborg East
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