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In addition to the highly specialized and custom-built research laboratories, the department also has a number of general laboratories and workshops. These laboratories have been established to support and assist the technical/technological tasks and challenges of the specialized laboratories in both Aalborg and Esbjerg.

This group of laboratories comprises the followings general labs:

These laboratories have a wide range of facilities to accommodate all demands – from small scale to large installations, and this means that almost anything, from a prototype to larger objects, can be manufactured, upon request.

The expertise and longstanding experience of the technical staff is crucial when researchers, who may carry out specific tests or try out new and challenging ideas, make requests for custom-made solutions.

Machine Workshop

This workshop can manufacture all prototypes based on technical drawings. All tasks are carried out in a close cooperation between the technical staff and the party placing the order.

The workshop

Special equipment

  • 2 milling machines with five axles
  • Wire cutter (Electric Discharge Machine)
  • Teach-In lathe
  • Traditional lathe
  • Precision-mechanical lathe
  • Large 3D printer
  • Metal 3D printing (Additive Manufacturing)
  • Laser cutter

Working with turning lathe

Features & Services

Examples of tasks that have been carried out in this workshop:

  • Installation of a wind turbine to perform tests
  • Hydraulic tests
  • Cooling vehicle
  • Tests on heavy electrical equipment
  • Prototypes: "smart spider" robot, etc.

Assembly Workshop

Among other things this workshop is equipped to manufacture spare parts for components. Part of the work in the workshop is carried out with external partners.

The workshop is equipped to perform sheet metal and steel plate work as well as dismantling and assembly of all set-ups.

  • Equipment for fitting, welding, bending, cutting, glass and sand blasting as well as milling
  • Equipment for dismantling and assembly of all set-ups

Features & Services

Examples of components that are developed in this workshop are a prototype for new high voltage pylons, different parts for electrical machines and heating pumps, foundations, motor set-ups in scaled versions, and the development of prototypes of wings / pump impellers and valves for fluid power equipment. 

New laser cutter for the department:

  • Cuts various types of steel and ceramics from 0.1 to 4 mm
  • Size: 400 mm x 400 mm
  • Precision cutting within 3-4 μ

Laser cutter


Cutting board for laser cutter - 400x400mm max cutting depth 4mm

Items cut with the laser with 0.01mm precision

Heavy Laboratory

The main feature of this laboratory is a portable lift crane with a capacity of five metric tonnes. The crane is placed on a foundation, which is built for 30 metric tonnes. The foundation is designed for large equipment that can be placed on, and fastened to, the structure, and set-ups can be mounted without causing vibrations in the surrounding building.


  • 1250 Amps
  • Cooling water, 150 kW thermal power
  • Compressed air
  • Process ventilation
  • Very large entry gate
  • Vibration insulation

Model Workshop

The model workshop is a small joiner’s workshop. The workshop contains all hand tools necessary to do model work in wood and foam.


  • Wall saw: 4 x 2 metres
  • Large combination saw
  • Electric mitre saw
  • Hand tools for all model work in wood and foam

Features & Services

An example of the possibilities in this workshop is plexiglass models as well as shielding screens and adjustments of spare parts.

Flexible Laboratory (Flex Lab)

As the name of this laboratory implies, it is an extremely versatile and all round laboratory. It contains no special equipment, but is equipped to build all possible set-ups requested by researchers and external collaborators.


200 Amps
Cooling water – 10-15  KW thermal power
Compressed air
Process ventilation

Features & services

Examples of tasks are the assembly of electrical components, pumping tests, heating pumps and cooling plants as well as soldering.


Safety precautions depend on the actual set-up of test equipment.



Machine Workshop - Pontoppidanstraede 105, room 1.126, 9220, Aalborg East
Assembly Workshop - Pontoppidanstraede 105, room 2.105, 9220, Aalborg East
Heavy Laboratory - Pontoppidanstraede 105, room 2.117, 9220, Aalborg East
Model Workshop - Pontoppidanstraede 105, room 1.107, 9220, Aalborg East
Flexible Laboratory - Pontoppidanstraede 105, room 3.119, 9220, Aalborg East

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