Fluid Power Actuators and Components

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In the Fluid Power Actuators and Components  Laboratory focus is on detailed testing of actuators and components besides in-house designed and built proto type components. This includes for examples performance tests of fast switching valves for digital fluid power applications but also detailed characterization of e.g. friction phenomena in cylinders and methods for non-invasive lubrication film thickness measurement in fluid power machinery.

Switching valve with integrated moving-coil actuator (<3ms switching time, < 0.5 bar @ 125 l/min)

Close-up of in-house designed energy-efficient direct hydraulic cylinder drive


The laboratory has a wide selection of standard instruments, sensors, and data acquisition systems but also highly specialized equipment is available. This includes e.g. a high-bandwidth laser-based distance measurement system with micrometer accuracy, an eight channel ultra sound pulser/receiver, high-bandwidth piezo-based high-pressure sensors, etc.

In-house designed power amplifier, measuring and controller for fast switching valves

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Test and measurements are conducted on a component level in order to quantify performance characteristics and to study functionality.

Switching values for large-scale flow control in hydraulics


Pontoppidanstræde 105, room 2.117 / 2.125
9220, Aalborg East
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