Offshore Wind and Wave Laboratory

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Offshore Wind and Wave Laboratory is an advanced proof-of-concept environment that offers test facilities for emulating harsh offshore environment that is highly dominated by wind and wave. The central element of this laboratory is a wave basin that is a 10 m long 2D wave tank capable of providing waves inside the basin, whose properties such as spectrum is customized by the user. The wave tank is suitable for testing scaled models of offshore structures and systems with the scaling ratio of below 1:30 at high sea states. At the same place, the laboratory benefits from a 35 kW wind generator with a customizable speed.

For the test objects, a combination of accurate positioning system is available to measure movements as low as 100 µm or rotation as low as 350 µRad. High precision measurements, provided via tracking camera systems as well as dedicated IMU systems, are used to verify the performance of the systems that are affected by the wind and wave forces in the harsh offshore environment.


Offshore Wind and Wave Laboratory is equipped with the following main facilities

  • 2D wave basin, with the length of 10 m, equipped with wave generator, wave absorber, wave gauges and real-time measurement system that offers the possibility of online tests to verify the control performance. The wave basin is equipped with a water filtration system that cleans the water regularly without use of chemicals to avoid any side effect on the test objects.
  • Wind generator is able to provide wind speed of up to 17 m/s on the test object. The wind speed is customizable via a highly flexible power inverter system.
  • A hexapod system, which is able to emulate the ship motion at high sea states, can move objects of up to 100 Kg in 6DoF. The control software is using Simulink Real-time that makes it possible to perform online tests of the control performance.
  • A set of optical tracking system with 9 cameras are attached to the celling of the laboratory. When optic reflectors are attached to the body of the test object, the camera tracking system will provide high accuracy measurements of the object position and rotation. Thanks to the advanced multicore computer and user friendly OptiTrack software that made it possible to use the camera system even in the feedback loop of the control systems.
  • A high precision IMU system (SBG) that can be attached to the body of the object is able to provide real-time measurements of the body movement in 6 DoF. The precision is increased when using the device in outdoor environment due to the augmentation of the GPS measurement system.
  • To aid fast and rapid installation and setup of the offshore systems, the laboratory has a good infrastructure. Among others are flexible installation foundation (based on casted rail system) both inside and outside the basin, high current power system (up to 420 A), crane with lift capacity of 1 ton.

Features & services

Offshore Wind and Wave Laboratory offers proof-of-concept tests for variety of systems but not only limited to scaled on/offshore wind turbines, wave absorption systems, positioning and navigation systems, motion control systems.

An example of the proof-of-concept test is a scaled floating offshore platform. A pitch regulated wind turbine with flexible structure is installed on a TLP floating platform. Moorings are attached to the foundation at the deep part of the wave basin that is 2500 mm under the floor level. The wind turbine is tested in different wind and wave condition that resembles harsh environment offshore. With the help of the camera system, vibrations of the wind turbine structure are measured under each wind and wave condition. Eventually, wind turbine control strategies are validated.


Safety information

Safety rules are provided to the laboratory users by the laboratory technical assistance. Depending on the activity, safety equipment such as helmet, eye, ear, and hand wear are mandatory in the lab. Due to safety rules, it is necessary that 2 persons are at the test site when working with the wave basin.

Once you have obtained permission to work in this lab, you will receive invitation to the laboratory internal webpage that includes booking system, instructions, etc


Ole Rømers Vej 5, room C2.025

Contact information

Associate Professor Mohsen Soltani
Direct phone: +45 9940 8744