Fluid Power Laboratory, Esbjerg

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The Fluid Power Laboratory (FPLab) offers a highly customizable environment for performing proof-of-concept experiments on either system or component level. The facility supports high speed data-logging, real-time monitoring and control with flow and pressure levels on par with most modern applications. Multiple workstations offer the flexibility of working simultaneously on setups with different flow and pressure demands.


Hydraulic pressure and flow is delivered by an externally located Hydraulic Power Unit (HPU). The HPU enables pressures up to 400 bar and both independent and parallel operation of two 30 kW powered variable displacement pumps with a combined flow output of up to 120 liters pr. minute. User definable closed-loop pressure, power or flow control ensures versatile operation. Hydraulic fluid contained in the 590 Liter reservoir is temperature controlled which allows for testing at different viscosity levels.

Features & services

The FPLab can be used as a research, education, development and testing platform for innovative solutions for a wide range industrial applications. The laboratory features two specially designed setups.

An electro-hydraulic crane setup allows for testing control and leakage detection algorithms in various load conditions. Adjustable leakage paths are fitted with high-precision flow meters for generating and measuring external and internal leakages in the system.

A scale version of the emergency shut down system for wind turbines enables testing different braking strategies such as fault tolerant or soft braking using an electro-hydraulic actuated disc brake.


Niels Bohrs Vej 8, room C2.019

Contact information

Associate Professor Mohsen Soltani
Direct phone: +45 9940 8744
E-mail: sms@et.aau.dk