Flow Laboratory Esbjerg

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The flow laboratories in Esbjerg provides a facility to conduct a wide variety of test and measurement for fluid mechanics and thermal processes. It is possible to construct small-scale setups for both research and education or use permanent test setups, such as the wind tunnel, for experimental measurements.


The laboratory contains outtakes for steam (60kW, 158°C), cooling water (15°C), pressurized air, hydraulic power and electric power (400V, 32A) which provides for a large variety of custom setups. There is also a collection of common thermal process components such as pumps and heat exchangers as well as common smaller apparatus for flow, velocity and temperature measurements.

Permanent setups include a wind tunnel (65m/s, cross-section: 30x30cm), a pump test stand as wells laser based velocity measurement equipment PIV, PLIF, LDV, PDA.   

Features & Services

The laboratory is suitable for building up custom test setups that encompass heating and cooling of water or air. This includes both research and education but also industrial cooperation and demonstration for high school students.  








Niels Bohrs vej 8, room: C2.025

Contact information

Associate Professor Matthias Mandø
Direct phone: +45 9940 3321
E-mail: mma@et.aau.dk

Laboratory Technician Henry Enevoldsen
Direct phone: +45 9940 7625
E-mail: hen@et.aau.dk