Electronics Laboratory Esbjerg

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This laboratory is used by both electronics and energy undergraduate students. It is equipped with all the components (small to large, cheaper/expensive) from resistor to a microcontroller.  The laboratory is not only used for projects development but also for lab exercises designed by teachers in different courses.

It has very commonly used TTL 74 series and CMOS integrated circuits, distance, infrared, ultrasound, gyro meaning all types of sensors, Microcontrollers like MSP430F2013, Arduino (different variety), Rasburry PI, Artix 7. Different kinds of quad copters with controllers and sensors. Many structures for example elevator, vertical pendulum, levitation, Segway, three tank system to be used by various semester projects. The lab also has a 3D printer. Finally, the laboratory is equipped with measurement, monitoring and testing instruments from simple voltage meter to spectrum analyzer.

Features & services

Some of them are highlighted in the above paragraph, Henry Enevoldsen is the lab in-charge and he can help in all respect related with providing electronic components, purchasing components, repair, etc.


Niels Bohrs Vej 8, room C2-106

Contact information

Associate Professor D. M. Akbar Hussain
Direct phone: +45 9940 7729
E-mail: akh@et.aau.dk

Assistant Engineer Henry Enevoldsen
Direct phone: +45 9940 7625
E-mail: hen@et.aau.dk