Drone and Robotics Laboratory

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The offshore robotic systems can assist the offshore energy production in a much more reliable, effective and environmentally friendly manner. The Offshore Drone and Robotics Lab focuses on research and development of dedicated inspection robot platforms, inspection tools and their corresponding applications.

These robotic systems support the research and development in the areas of mechanical and hydraulic system analysis & design, control system design & implementation, as well as diverse offshore robotic applications, such as aerial oil-spill monitoring, subsea pipeline inspection, pipeline inner-condition inspection, subsea well/sensor data collection. These robot systems also support our investigation and development of semi-autonomous and autonomous offshore robotic systems and their applications.

The Drone Laboratory provides facilities for development of various drone technologies and sensing equipment which could be applied to the drones. The laboratory is equipped with various drone platforms: from quad/hexa-copters, to pipeline crawlers, to remotely operated underwater vehicles.

The laboratory is located at Aalborg University Esbjerg Campus.

special equipment

Drones Commercial

Aerial Inspection Fleet consists of a set of drone systems, including DJI Mavic Pro and DJI Inspire 2, DJI Matrice 600 Pro systems. By attached with necessary inspection tools, they are applied for offshore installation inspection and environmental monitoring around the production areas.


Drone Laboratory

In addition, the laboratory is equipped with the Quanser Research studio, which is the ideal solution for academics looking to build a multi-vehicle research program in a short amount of time. Consisting of QDrone quadrotors and QBot 2 ground vehicles, ground control station, optical tracking and safety equipment.



ROV inspection fleet consists of: VideoRay PRO 4 equipped with BlueView sonar P450-45-I, OpenROV, and Blue ROV. The ROV area does not include a water basin, this area is solely for development of the ROVs and not for piloting.

Pipeline Inspection Robots

Three pipeline robots are available: (i) VERSATRAX 150™ FROM INUKTUN, (ii) In house built pipeline robot, (iii) 2nd generation in house built pipeline robot.

The laboratory contains a scaled pipeline, which simulates an offshore oil & gas pipeline, designed to be inspected using pipeline robots.


Niels Bohrs Vej 8, Building C2, floor level

Contact information

Assistant professor Petar Durdevic
Direct phone: +45 3175 1320
E-mail: pdl@et.aau.dk