400kW combustion facility, Esbjerg


In cooperation with B&W Vølund Aaborg University have access to a 400kW multi-fuel combustion test facility. This size is significant larger compared to usual laboratory scale test facilities without being under contract to deliver a specific output. As such, this facility is unique to Europe. The test facility can be used to test the combustion characteristics of new and “difficult” fuels. Similarly, it can be used for research and education.  


The combustion facility operates on a vibrating grate principle. It can be equipped with both a water cooled as well as an air-cooled grate depending on the fuel calorific value. The test boiler is equipped with about 20 portholes, which enables sampling of temperature, radiation intensity, gas composition etc. in a 3D-grid inside of the boiler. It is possible to change air distribution, airflow patterns, vibration pattern etc. for maximum flexibility. The test facility is supplemented with laboratory equipment for determination of fuel properties (Proximate and Ultimate analysis incl. Cl, TGA, heating value, heavy metal analysis). 

Features & Services

The laboratory is suitable for training of staff for combustion facilities, to test the combustion properties of new fuels in a realistic setting and to conduct research and education.


Falkevej 2, 6705 Esbjerg V.

Contact information

Associate professor Matthias Mandø
Direct phone: +45 9940 3321
E-mail: mma@et.aau.dk