IoT Microgrid Living Laboratory (IoT-MGLab)

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The IoT-MGLab is a living laboratory that intends to develop and demonstrate cost-effective and comfort-aware solutions for future smart homes and enables the construction of an internet of things (IoT)-based infrastructure for a data intensive system and its interaction with end-users. IoT-MGLab also serves as a demonstrator to show the viability of low voltage DC and AC systems for future households which will enhance the energy efficiency, flexibility and reliability following Danish smart grid strategy.

Internet of Things Microgrid Living Laboratory


The IoT-MGLab is located in the building Pontoppidanstræde 109-A of the Department of Energy Technology in Aalborg University. It has a modular structure, manufactured and installed by ABC-Pavilloner. The structure has a surface area of 60 m2 and is equipped with several means of dispersed generation (such as roof-top PV panels and a small wind turbine), real-time control and monitoring platforms running with different communication protocols such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Zigbee and Modbus, bidirectional DC/DC converters, constant power electronic loads, different home appliances, multiterminal medium voltage connection and a number of smart devices. IoT-MGLab also benefits from a computing layer mainly driven by MATLAB and GAMS solvers and is used as backbone for different batch and operational pipelines (such as optimization, estimation and forecasting).

Internet of Things Microgrid Living Laboratory

Special equipment

IoT-MGLab is expected to be equipped in the near future with a number of facilities (such as an underfloor heating-cooling system, a controllable micro-combined heat and power (mCHP) generator, an EV charging infrastructure (CHADEMO), and a battery bank) to form a fully-featured autonomous and smart residential microgrid.

Features & services

IoT-MGLab has been served to service several engineering domains (from theory to practice) and to support multi-disciplinary research activities. The laboratory facilitates the conduct of in-vivo, in silico and in vitro studies at all levels of education and research. IoT-MGLab also supports evaluation of fundamental research on models, methods, techniques and supporting tools from different research areas such as embedded systems, data intensive systems, human computer interaction, energy and health. Moreover, it offers different use cases for evaluation and optimization of (partial) solutions using procedure in a controlled environment. Last but not least, the IoT-MGLab can be used as a pilot for developing, testing and validating the performance of individual technology components in an integrated energy system perspective.



Pontoppidanstraede 109A
9220, Aalborg East
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