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Industrial/PhD Course: Sustainable Biomass Resources and technology pathways for Biogas and Biorefineries


22.08.2022 kl. 09.00 - 26.08.2022 kl. 16.00



Assoc. Prof., Jens Bo Holm-Nielsen,
Assoc. Prof., Mette Hedegaard Thomsen,


Jens Bo Holm Nielsen - AAU ENERGY, Esbjerg  
Mette Hedegaard Thomsen  - AAU ENERGY, Esbjerg  
Tanmay Chaturvedi  - AAU ENERGY, Esbjerg  

ECTS:  5 


The course will give an overview of utilizing biomass as a resource for energy, fuel, and biomass derived chemicals and value added products. The course will topics in:

  • Sustainable biomass
  • Different types of biomasses available (e.g. woody biomass, forest residues, agricultural residues, energy crops, algae, etc.)
  • Competitive pretreatment technologies and how do they differ in physical and chemical characteristics
  • Biomass conversion technologies with focus on biochemical (anaerobic digestion and fermentation processes) conversion processes and methanisation
  • Biorefinery approach and how processes can turn biomass into fuels and higher value products; 
  • How to obtain advanced biofuels from biomass
  • How are economic and environmental assessments performed for biorefineries
  • How will policies shape the future of R&D in the biomass to resources sector


You should have at least BSc level knowledge on topics such as chemistry, mathematics and process engineering. 

Form of evaluation:

Homework (non graded) and assignment (graded) to be submitted 2 weeks after the end of the course. 


6000 DKK for PhD students outside of Denmark and 8000 DKK for the Industry.


AAU Energy


Aalborg University, Niels Bohrs Vej 8, 6700 Esbjerg

Registration Deadline

01.08.2022 kl. 23.59

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