AAU Energy Annual Research Day

invitation to AAU Energy's annual research day
Future Energy Systems and Carriers in Denmark
26 april 2022 in AALborg



AAU Energy is taking the first steps to establish an annual recurring event: A research day where we both celebrate our research and invite our business partners, collaborators and interested parties to discuss how we can best contribute to the green transition. Emphasis will be on the department’s societal impact and how we are part of the movement towards sustainability.

Mission oriented research

AAU Energy has recently carried out a rather large reorganization of our department in order to become more mission oriented in terms of how we apply our research. The research day will reflect our missions’ themes:

  • Integrated energy systems
  • Carbon capture
  • Electrification
  • Power to X
  • Energy islands
  • Energy efficiency
  • Smart energy systems
  • Sustainable fuels

- as well as other perspectives on the green transition that will arise once our discussions get under way.

Read more about AAU Energy and our mission oriented research here.

Key note speeches

Electricity will be the backbone of the future Energy system - A perspective from a Global Technology Provider (9:35-9:55)

Key note by Per Nissen, Hitachi Energy, Local Sales and Marketing Manager for Denmark.

Future Energy Systems, R&D needs in power & gas/hydrogen systems  towards climate neutrality (9:55-10:15)

Key note by Anders Bavnhøj Hansen, Energinet, Chief Engineer

Smart Renewable Energy Systems and a fully Decarbonized Society (10:15-10:35)

Key note by Henrik Lund, Professor, Department of Planning, AAU

Minimizing cost of energy storage by Fully AI-driven Virtual Power Plants for Energy Storage and Power to X (10:35-10:55)

Key note by Rasmus Rode Mosbæk,CEO & Founder, Hybrid Greentech

AAU Energy missions’ presentations and discussons

- in three different panel sessions, where we ask our researchers to present their results and discuss the green transition and the connection between our research, innovation and the envisaged changes: What solutions can we expect in 15 years? What are the major challenges? How do AAU Energy ensure that we stay relevant and develop our existing strongholds and activities?

A great opportunity for all participants to discuss emerging technologies, challenges and solutions from their different perspectives.


Energy Islands are a major challenge and we will discuss how we operate and integrate these in the Danish and European Energy Systems. We also hope to engage the participants in a debate about the best solutions to keep the security of supply when replacing conventional generation with renewables.

Energy efficiency is the first fuel of a sustainable global energy system. As we transition into a more electric-centric world and leaving behind fossil fuels, our energy consumption will rise significantly. Our research focuses on increasing energy efficiency in new technologies and in the application of existing technologies. Energy efficiency is a broad field and requires inputs from a wide array of disciplines and industries. Our goal is to develop components and systems that are as efficient as possible while also increasing durability, compatibility and safety.

Poster session – presentation of PhD students’ work

Our second year PhD students will show their work in a poster session – an opportunity to see new ideas and solutions to our societal challenges and engage in discussions with our youngest researchers. Here you will also see the broad range of AAU Energy’s research – solutions designed to contribute to the green transition.

Lab tours

A tour of our world class laboratories as well as time for networking is also included in the programme.

Read more about the AAU Energy laboratories here.

Full programme

Read the full programme for the research day here.

Participation is free. Please sign up no later than 18 April 2022.

Online participation is not possible.

The AAU Energy reseach day is organised in cooperation with Energy Cluster Denmark.

AAU Energy Research Day