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Semester evaluations

The Study Board of Energy sends out a questionnaire to all students via SurveyXact at the end of each semester – ultimo June for the spring semester and ultimo January for the autumn semester.

In the questionnaire, the students are asked to evaluate teaching, project supervision and study environment and each study programme as a whole by the students who are finishing their study programme. The Study Secretariat will pass on the results from each semester to the Study Board, the students and the semester coordinators no later than three weeks after the beginning of the following semester.

The Study Board processes the results of the evaluation during the following study board meeting and takes action concerning issues in the evaluation, which indicate a necessity of changes/improvements.

The results of the evaluation and the minutes from the semester group meetings are used to draw up a semester evaluation report. The students prepare the report, which is approved by the semester coordinators before it is handed in to the Study Board.

Deadline for handing in the semester evaluation report to the Study Board is 15 March and 15 October, respectively, on the following semester.


It is required that these templates are used. Also, the Rules of Procedure for Semester Group Meetings and Semester Evaluation Reports (pdf) must be followed.

The results of the evaluations are made public on the page for evaluations of teaching and study programmes. The Study Secretariat publishes the results no later than ultimo June for the autumn semester and no later than primo December for the spring semester. 

Read more in the Quality Handbook (only in Danish) of AAU Energy.

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