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How do we improve the study environment?

This page contains information on how AAU Energy has followed up on the challenges in the study environment, or requests for improvements in the study environment stated in the semester evaluations by the students in study programmes under the Study Board of Energy. These requests and the status of the requests are listed below. 

Campus Service is responsible for ensuring an optimal physical environment for teaching and research activities at AAU. If the department assesses that a request for the study environment can be met, this is communicated to Campus Service. IT challenges are communicated to AAU IT Services (ITS).

If you meet challenges in the physical study environment, you are welcome to report these yourself to Campus Service via their Building Support app.



  1. Several students have reported challenges regarding lack of access to labs, loneliness and a hampered social life and others as a result of the Corona crisis.
  2. Continued challenges with the indoor climate in Badehusvej, Aalborg.


  1. The study board has discussed the students' feedback regarding their study life during the Corona crisis with a vierw to utilise this feedback to the further development of e-learning at the department.
  2. The first year of study in Aalborg will move from Badehusvej to campus in 2022.




  1. Group rooms on Fibigerstræde 2P, Kroghstræde 6 and Fibigerstræde 15: Problems with noise, small rooms, bland aesthetics, etc.
  2. Group rooms on Badehusvej: Challenges with indoor climate and high temperatures. 
  3. More social activities across groups and study programmes and better integration of the international students.


  1. Since the students will be moving out of these two addresses from the fall semester 2019, the Department has decided not to initiate any changes to these buildings. This decision is also based on an assessment that the students' criticism does not call for immediate action. However, the Study Board of Energy will monitor whether the students' assessment of the physical study environment improves in future evaluations as a result of the move.
  2. Campus Service will examine the ventilation system and assess capacity in mid-2019.
  3. The Study Board has formed a committee to help facilitate more social activities among students. 



  1. Aalborg: Chairs in group rooms.
  2. Technical and educational challenges with video conference.
  3. Esbjerg: A lot of noise in group rooms because many students are gathered in large rooms. 


  1. The study programmes on Pontoppidanstræde will be given priority with about 275 chairs. Pontoppidanstræde 105 will receive 68 chairs by September 2018 and Pontoppidanstræde 101 will receive the remaining chairs when they have completed the renovation.
  2. There are new guidelines for video conferences at the Faculty of Engineering and Science. This means that a number of minimum requirements have now been set for teaching staff using video conferencing. Moreover, the Study Board of Energy has forwarded material to the teaching staff to help them address the educational challenges.
  3. In collaboration with Campus Service, the Department has divided and shielded off the rooms, so that groups do not disturb each other as much.

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