Quality assurance - AAU Energy


Why quality assurance?

The overall ambition of AAU Energy is to ensure that its study programmes provide teaching and guidance of high international quality that enables graduates to solve complex engineering issues and provide them with competences in demand on the labour market. AAU Energy is continuously working to ensure this through the AAU quality assurance system

Specifically, the department conducts evaluations of teachers, semesters, programmes and the study environment, and follows up on the results of these evaluations. Moreover, the department regularly follows up on other feedback from potential employers, external examiners, graduates, teachers and students.

Furthermore, AAU Energy staffs its study programmes to ensure academically and educationally relevant teaching activities. Students are offered close contact with research communities of high international standard, and the department is continuously working to support the educational and didactical development of internal academic staff, including within problem based learning (PBL) to offer the students a good framework for learning.

This page provides more information about how AAU Energy works with quality assurance through evaluations and evaluation results, and information on how we have followed up challenges identified in the study environment. If you have any questions regarding the department's work on quality assurance, please contact Christian Winther Dissing, cwd@et.aau.dk.

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