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    Student study counsellors

    The student study counsellors can help you with questions regarding the study programmes, admission requirements, study technique, exemptions, exam rules, your well-being at the university, career opportunities as well as doubts and concerns about studying in Denmark.

    The student study counsellors are under an obligation to maintain confidentiality and you can always reach out to them anonymously.

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    Head of studies

    The Head of Studies can answer questions about quality assurance, curriculum amendments, exam cheating and plagiarism.

    Mads Pagh NielsenMads Pagh Nielsen is Head of Studies at AAU Energy.

    Phone: (+45) 9940 9259






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    Study Board of Energy

    The Chair of the Study Board of Energy can help you with individual curricula/study plans and guidance if you have not passed your exams.

    The Study Board Secretary can help you with questions about applying for exemptions, credit transfer, prior approval, traineeships and student excursions.

    Tamas KerekesTamas Kerekes is the Chair of the Study Board of Energy.

    Phone: (+45) 9940 3308





    Gitte Hageman ChristensenGitte Hageman Christensen is the Study Board Secretary.

    Phone: (+45) 9940 9247






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    Study secretaries

    Tine Lindegaard Hansen Tine Lindegaard Hansen is Study Secretary for first and second semesters in Aalborg.

    Phone: (+45) 9940 9753





    Sara Lindberg HildebrandtSara Lindberg Hildebrandt is Study Secretary for first and second semesters in Esbjerg.

    Phone: (+45) 9940 7613





    Lisbeth Holm NørgaardTrine de Pont NielsenLisbeth Holm Nørgaard and Trine de Pont Nielsen are study secretaries for 3rd - 6th semesters on Bachelor's programmes and 1st - 4th semesters on Master's programmes in Aalborg.

    Phone: (+45) 9940 3311

    Phone: (+45) 9940 9277

    Britta Marie JensenBritta Marie Jensen is Study Secretary for 3rd - 6th semesters on Bachelor's programmes and 1st - 4th semesters on Master's programmes in Esbjerg.

    Phone: (+45) 9940 7693






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Additional support

If you are in need of help with your studies in the form of a support person or additional aid, you can contact Study Secretary Lisbeth Holm Nørgaard,

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