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    All new international students are invited to attend various welcome activities when arriving in Esbjerg. You will receive information about these activities from your Study Secretary prior to the commencement of your studies.

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    Freshers’ weekend

    All new Bachelor's students are invited on an overnight stay, where there will be plenty of opportunities to have fun while getting to know each other.

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    Study trip 5th semester

    On the 5th semester in the Bachelor's study programme, all students have the opportunity to go on a longer study trip - usually 5 days. The trip will be a mix of educational and social activities such as visits to companies (e.g. Mercedes, Airbus) and free time to explore your destination.

    The Department will typically cover bus travel, entry tickets and possibly part of the accommodation.

    The destinations of the 5th semester study trips have previously been Berlin or other large cities in Germany.

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    Exchanges with another university

    It is possible to spend some of your study period at another university in either Denmark or another country. Read more about the process and your opportunities for exchanges with other universities.

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    Dodgeball tournament

    Who is ready for a dodgeball tournament!?

    Up to 40 teams are dressed up in fun and creative costumes as they fight to win the annual dodgeball tournament 'Kongekampen'. You can participate or cheer on your favourite team and go to the afterparty when the winners have been found.

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    'Show Up Get Hot'

    In Denmark we have many different games and outdoor activities that you can try at our 'Show Up Get Hot' days, which are planned regularly throughout the year. Socialise with your fellow students and other employees while having fun and getting a bit of exercise all at the same time.

    See more about the 'Show Up Get Hot' days on Facebook.

    Show up get hot

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    Short study trips such as visits to relevant companies will be arranged during your studies. This can inspire new projects or help you to determine your future career.

    There is also the possibility to arrange short study trips on your own and apply for financial support. Read more about the possibilities for excursions.

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    Christmas ‘hygge’

    In Denmark we love 'hygge' - especially around Christmas time when the days are shorter and the weather is cold. At AAU Esbjerg we get together in December to celebrate the coming holiday with 'æbleskiver', Christmas beer and games. You might even win a Christmas present or two to take home.

    Julehygge på AAU Esbjerg

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