Safety Information

The Department of Energy Technology has a large number of research laboratories, and safety in our labs is a main priority. We expect all our employees, students and guests to make this their priority also – both your own safety and that of others.

Working Environment Committee

The safety work of the Department of Energy Technology is organised around the Working Environment Committee. The structure of the Working Environment Committee follows the “Bekendtgørelse nr. 739 af 22. september 1997” regarding safety and health care in companies.

The Working Environment Committee is responsible for safety and health conditions in all offices and laboratories under the Department of Energy Technology in both Aalborg and Esbjerg; for all students as well as for all employees.

Below you will find a list of committee members as well as further practical information about whom to contact regarding each laboratory.

Members of the Working Environment Committee - Energy Technology

Mandatory courses and Work Place Permits

Students, who want to work in the laboratories, are obliged to attend a Course in Laboratory Safety, before they are allowed to work in the laboratories. This also applies to PhD students and guests. Employees working with chemicals at Department of Energy Technology are obliged to attend a Course in Chemical safety. These courses are held approximately every half year. The only possible exception from the mandatory safety course is a comprehensive personal instruction for a specific task in a laboratory.

A list of students allowed to work in the laboratories can be found here: Students allowed to work in the laboratories.

A list of employees allowed to handle chemicals in the laboratories can be found here: Employees allowed to handle chemicals.

Everyone working in the laboratories must fill out a Work Place Permit, which may be found here: Work Place Permit. If you wish to save the changes you make to the Work Place Permit, you must send the file to your own e-mail and then you can edit that file.

Safety Rules, Forms and Information

In all our laboratories, you will find dedicated posters detailing the specific safety information for that particular laboratory.

It is a precondition for your work in the laboratory that you have obtained a Work Place Permit and that you have studied thoroughly the general safety rules. Information about these rules may be found here:

Special Guest Information

Important notification: Guests working in our laboratories are NOT covered by insurance taken out by the Department of Energy Technology or Aalborg University. If you plan to work in the laboratories, you MUST ensure, that you are covered by a private full-time accident and liability insurance – or a similar type of insurance through your employer. The Department of Energy Technology reserves the right to expel any guest, who do not hold a valid insurance covering laboratory activities.

Special awareness Topics

The Working Environment Committee urge all employees and students to give special attention to the following:

  • Always keep the laboratory nice and clean: tidy up after yourself!
  • Do not bring coffee, etc. to the laboratories
  • We recommend that you bring a telephone in case you need to call for help.

Laboratory responsible people

The Department has more than 30 different laboratories and for each laboratory both academic as well as technical/administrative responsible people have been appointed. A complete list of lab responsible and their corresponding Working Environment contact persons can be found here.

Tasks and obligations of the lab responsible can be found here.