About the Department

As the name implies, AAU Energy is fully dedicated to research, innovation and education within the broad field of energy. We strive for excellence and impact in what we do, by establishing strong, collaborative partnerships with industrial and academic stakeholders within the field and engaging in the public debate concerning one of the major challenges of our time: the green transition.

At the time (August 2021), we proudly host three Villum Investigator centres and one Poul Due Jensen Foundation centre. One of our research areas, power electronics, has consistently been rated in the global top 3 over the last 3 years. We have several researchers among the top 1% most cited, and many more in the top 2%. Within our staff and guests, we count 30 nationalities, and potential PhD students with prestigious scholarships from their home countries actively seek us as host institution.

We are engaged in approximately 200 research, innovation and training projects funded by EU Horizon 2020, Innovation Fund Denmark and EUDP, the Danish Energy Development and Demonstration Program amongst others, where we are PI in

However, there is always room for improvement, and we have been looking into ways of improving on all parameters: excellence, collaboration, and impact. The result that we have come up with are our six technical research missions – and the seventh on education, knowledge transfer, and training – that we present in this brochure. You can explore each mission in the box to the right.

These missions form a set of common overarching goals for our research groups, each with their different competences and areas that inspire to greater collaboration and synergy externally as well as internally for students and staff, as well as making it easier for external partners and stakeholders to engage with us in collaborative efforts. With our missions, it becomes very clear what parts of the green transition we can and want to have a positive impact on, and how the AAU Energy missions align themselves with Danish and European missions, as well as the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

By having a mission that explicitly focuses on education and training, we also make it clear that we are dedicated to educating new and training seasoned professionals to meet the requirements of the future – giving them the tools to have real impact in their time.

As we launch our missions, it is with the strong ambition and belief that they allow us to be an even stronger and better contributor to the green transition with the energy challenges that lie ahead, and a preferred partner for stakeholders within the field of energy in collaborative research and innovation.

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