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AAU Energy

Guest researcher at AAU Energy

The department strongly emphasises and values its international relations. Thus, the department works on a continuous basis to enhance and expand its international contacts and attract international collaboration partners. This is of upmost importance both with regards to quality in research and the educational programmes.

The department receives guests on a continuous basis. Both scientific staff and students greatly benefit from working in an international environment by the many guests as well as the knowledge these people bring to the department. 

In order to make things a little easier for our guests, we have made a leaflet including practical and useful information concerning AAU Energy itself, as well as living in Aalborg, Denmark.

Coming to a new country and a new university often raises questions like:

‘what must I do upon arrival?’,
‘what are the living expenses?’
and ‘who is in charge of what at the Department?’
This and lots more information can be found in our welcome pamphlet. But we also recommend that you visit the International Staff Unit (ISU) website before your arrival. Here can you find all need information about: 

  • Life in Denmark
  • Culture Training
  • Guidance
  • Spouse & Partner Network
  • Getting started support
  • Welcome guide for all international staff

If you are coming to Aalborg University to stay exceeding 1 month, we may be helpful in finding accommodation for you. 

If you are a NON-EU/EEA citizen (stay more then 90 days), you must send a visa application.
We recommend beginning the application process 60 days in advance of entering Denmark.

You do not require a residence and work permit to live and work in Denmark if you are:

  • An EU/EEA citizen. You must obtain an EU registration certificate and register with the public authorities if you are staying in Denmark for more than 90 days.
  • A Nordic citizen
  • Guest researcher/PhD student stays under 90 days. Read more here

    If you are a citizen of a country with a visa requirement to enter Denmark, you must have obtained a short term visa valid for the entire stay before entering Denmark.

Send your Application to: